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2022 Beep Beep

Cabernet Franc

Leelanau Peninsula 

spontaneous fermentation 

unfined & unfiltered 

50 precious cases


750 mL 

12% Alc by Vol

2022 Beep Beep

  • Release Date: Fall 2023

    The 2022 Beep Beep is 100% Cabernet Franc that finished primary fermentation in steel before being racked into neutral oak barrels, where it underwent malolactic fermentation and aged for 8 months. Michigan’s climate can be difficult for some vinifera to reach a ripeness that produces big Bordeaux wines. While those wines serve their purpose, they are not what we set out to produce. Beep Beep was picked and destined to become a light but elegant red wine. The red fruit of Cab Franc shines through, but is balanced by higher acidity that makes this wine super refreshing. The tannins then bring out a crunchiness that holds the whole mouthfeel together. We love this red and hope you do too. Drink chilled. 

    Our baby, Lily, loves to get passing cars or trucks to beep at her, but that is not the true origin of this wine’s name. When you’re least expecting it, Lily likes to give your bum a slap and say “Beep Beep!”. Sometimes all you need is a crunchy cab franc, a slap on the bum, and a good laugh to kick off the night.

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