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2022 Porch Pounder

Riesling Piquette

Leelanau Peninsula 

spontaneous fermentation 

25 precious cases


500 mL 

4% Alc by Vol

2022 Porch Pounder

  • Release Date: Summer 2023


    The 2022 Porch Pounder Riesling Piquette is our low-abv, heat beating, thirst quenching, casual crusher that will be your go-to day-drinking beverage all summer. Piquettes are designed to be no-frill sparklers that you can drink at any time and not need a long nap that turns into an early bedtime. This specific Piquette is made by adding water and a dosage of Riesling juice to the crushed Riesling pomace from our other 2022 wines. Drink straight from the bottle.

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