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2022 Tickle Tickle

Skin-Contact Riesling Pet Nat 

Leelanau Peninsula 

spontaneous fermentation 

unfined & unfiltered 

30 precious cases


750 mL 

11% Alc by Vol

2022 Tickle Tickle

  • The 2022 Tickle Tickle is 100% Riesling that spent 3 weeks fermenting on it’s skins. Tickle Tickle was a surprise wine for us this year after ending up with some extra Riesling from our Uh Oh blend. We wanted all of our wines this year to push our Shed Heads to try something unique, so we decided to give this wine an extra zing by making it a skin contact wine, as well as a pet nat. What we created is a burst of sunshine in a glass. Bright and refreshing like our other Rieslings, but also herbaceous and delightfully sharp from the skin tannins. 

    When it is long past bedtime and we’re exhausted from trying to get our baby to sleep, she likes to reach out with her tiny little hands and say “tickle tickle”. We hope this playful wine tickles a little bit of joy out of you when you need it most. 

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