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2023 Sit Talk

2023 Chardonnay 


Lake Michigan Shore AVA

Spontaneous fermentation

105 precious cases


750 mL 

11% Alc by Vol

2023 Sit Talk

  • Release Date: June 2023


    The 2023 is our first take on a Chardonnay and we made it the way we love to drink it – light, bright, and very elegant. Sit Talk is the definition of a crisp white made for popping open mid day to accompany some fresh fish or oysters. At only 10.5% alcohol by volume, you can indulge without carrying the weight of your picnic lunch around with you the rest of the day. We believe that this wine solidifies Michigan Chardonnay as a natty wine staple.

    We called this wine Sit Talk because it was the first demand on a long list of demands that we receive from our toddler. Taking a moment to sit down, unplug, throw away the phone, breathe deep, and enjoy a conversation with a loved one or a friend is the kind of demand we celebrate. 

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